Babyscope 2.0

Digital fiber optic camera for inspection of Medical Devices with lumens.

  • Quick and easy inspection tool 
  • Visualizes residual contamination and damage, enabling immediate corrective action
  • Enables full control of endoscope damage and repairs,  decreasing maintenance and repair costs 

Benefits of the product

Ergonomic :

New compact & easy to use design (enhanced light, vision, & magnification)


Modular :

Interchangeable flexible inspection scope attachments available for small diameters devices such as: pediatric bronchoscopes & cystoscopes (diameters 1.06mm & 1.9mm).


Smart :

Offers the option to document & share what they see, enableing immediate corrective action.


Cost efficient :

Helps keeping repair cost & infection risks down



  • Visually inspect small lumens with remarkable clarity


  • Modular design with interchangeable flexible inspection scope attachments available in diameters of 1.06mm (optional) and 1.9mm (by default).


  • These scopes have a working length of 110cm and attach to a control box which allows for light level adjustments.


  • The 1.06mm scope is designed to inspect internal channels of 1.1mm in diameter or larger, and the 1.9mm scope is designed to inspect internal channels of 2.0mm in diameter or larger.

Exclusive applications

EndoscopesInstruments with lumens

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