Superior control starts with


Detect contamination risk

Take control

Visualize contamination

Expose sheltered microorganisms
to avoid false negatives.

Contamination risk is vastly under-estimated due to false negatives : microorganisms hide in biofilm “fortresses”.

OneLife’s audits help visualising biofilms with innovative detection technologies. 

Our products

Soil & biofilm contamination DETECTION

Detect 2

Reveals organic contamination real-time on the surface of instruments by staining it with blue colorant.


  • Test is conducted on patient-ready instruments after washer-disinfector.
  • Its aim is to evaluate the quality of instrument cleaning.


Dental intrumentsSurgical instruments

Babyscope 2.0

Digital fiber optic camera for inspection of Medical Devices with lumens.


  • Quick and easy inspection tool 
  • Visualizes residual contamination and damage, enabling immediate corrective action
  • Enables full control of endoscope damage and repairs,  decreasing maintenance and repair costs 


EndoscopesInstruments with lumens