Detect 2

Reveals organic contamination real-time on the surface of instruments by staining it with blue colorant.

  • Test is conducted on patient-ready instruments after washer-disinfector.
  • Its aim is to evaluate the quality of instrument cleaning.
5 L950 mLKIT

Benefits of the product


quality control tool of the surgical instruments’ cleaning process.



patented and validated technology to detect proteins and organic soil on instruments.



Quick result, visible directly (only 5 minutes) on the instrument surface.



  • Quick and simple to use : 5 minutes for a basket of instruments (DIN 1/1).


  • Evaluates the cleaning quality of instruments washer-disinfectors (WD) or ultrasound.


  • High sensitivity (from 10μg/cm2 protein)


  • A single reagent for detecting residual proteins (dye process).


  • Compatible with stainless steel, PP, PTFE, POM, aluminium, titanium.


  • Registered Medical Device Class I.


  • Biodegradability ≥ 90 % (OCDE 302B).


  • Very low toxicity (reposts available on demand).


  • Odorless.

How to use

1. Immersion of instruments : 5 minutes in the COLORANT solution.


2. Rinsing : Immersion in tap water


3. Visual interpretation of results : Blue stains are indicative of residual proteins/biofilms.

Exclusive applications

Dental intrumentsSurgical instruments

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