EnziMed Prevent MAX

High-level enzymatic deep cleaning formula targeting biofilms’ matrix DNA.

  • For optimal deep cleaning of Medical Devices such as endoscopes and surgical instruments

  • Targets the DNA constituting the biofilm matrix

1 L10 L5 L

Benefits of the product


Patented enzymatic complex with a preventive action against the formation of biofilms of multiple pathogens.


Comparative efficiency tests on real biofilms available upon request 


High enzymatic activity and stability 



  • Patented for dissolving Biofilms : PATENT EP2789682A1


  • Patent BE 2022/5764 targets biofilms’ matrix DNA


  • Neutral pH, highly concentrated multi-enzymatic formula


  • Proven superior efficacy on incrusted soil and biofilm matrix of multiple pathogens (tests results available on request)


  • Outstanding materials compatibility


  • Registered Medical Device Class I


  • Biodegradability ≥ 99 % (OCDE 302B)

How to use

For flexible endoscopes and instruments with lumens :

  • Flush the detergent solution through all channels. Use appropriate brushes according to protocols in place in your establishment.
  • Rinse with clear water before disinfecting/ sterilizing medical devices.
  • In case of hard water (>10°d), increased dosage may be necessary.
  • Respect recommended temperatures for optimal performance ; efficacy is not guaranteed <20°C and > 55°C.
  • One bath per endoscope. Renew the soak solution after each bath.

Exclusive applications

EndoscopesSurgical instruments

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