EnziSurf Descale & Drain

High-level multi-enzymatic deep cleaning formula targeting biofilms in sink drains

  • For optimal deep cleaning of sink drains in medical facilities

  • Targets the DNA constituting the biofilm matrix

5 L

Benefits of the product

Innovative solution

Dense foam ideal for the treatment of vertical surfaces.

Patented technology

Patented enzymatic technology targeting the extra-cellular DNA of the biofilm matrix.


Efficiency tests on real biofilms (both in vitro and in intensive care unit) available upon request.


High enzymatic activity and stability.



  • Patent BE 2022/5764 targets biofilms’ matrix DNA


  • EnziSurf Drain : Neutral pH, highly concentrated multi-enzymatic formula


  • Proven superior efficacy on incrusted soil and biofilm matrix (tests results available on request)


  • Outstanding materials compatibility


  • Biodegradability ≥ 99 % (OCDE 302B)

How to use

For more information on how to use EnziSurf Descale & Drain, please watch the following video.

Exclusive applications

Critical surfacesSink drainsVertical surfaces

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