Multi-enzymatic decontaminant for cleaning of surfaces and floors.

Multi-enzymatic decontaminant for cleaning of surfaces and floors in the healthcare sector (corridors, bedrooms, waiting rooms…) and care, medical, dental and veterinary practices).

1 L5 L

Benefits of the product


Cleans all surfaces without leaving a trace. Non- corrosive. Compatible with all materials.



Enzymes cut and disintegrate soil ensuring a faster cleaning with less effort.


Deep clean

The enzymes effectively and thoroughly remove visible and invisible organic dirt, even that which seems inaccessible. They also help to get rid of Coronavirus and harmful bacteria. enziSurf® fights odours.



The anti-deposition effect of the enzymes prevents dirt from redepositing quickly.



enziSurf® offers a healthy alternative to conventional products, protecting the environment, staff and patients thanks to ingredients of natural origin (no phosphates, bleach or ammonia).



  • Concentrated formulation combining raw ma- terials of plant origin with enzymes for greater efficiency


  • Non-aggressive for the user and the material in contact (compatible with all materials)


  • Odourless


  • Dye free


  • Highly active enzyme complex


  • Rate of biodegradability > 97% in 28 days (OECD 302B)

How to use

Cleaning is an essential step in infection control.

1. Dilute the product in hot water as follows:

  • 2x30ml in 5L of warm water or
  • 120ml in 10L of hot water

Recommended operating temperature between 35-50°c

2. Apply the product to the surface to be decontaminated.

3. Scrub if necessary

4. Let dry.

NOTE: make sure to regularly clean the surfaces in contact with patients. In addition to cleaning, it is recommended to disinfect in order to finalize the decontamination process. Nonetheless, the Superior Health Council recommends using disinfection sparingly in order to fight anti microbial resistance (AMR).

Sewage Disposal recommendations: May be discharged to wastewater treatment installation. Product/Packaging disposal recommendations: When totally empty, containers are recyclable

Exclusive applications

FloorsHigh surfaces

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