EnziDent FLOW

High-level detergent with biofilm treatment.

High-level detergent with biofilm treatment for the cleaning and maintenance of dental unit, waterlines and suction systems.

1 L5 L

Benefits of the product

  • Patented enzymatic compound
  • Breaks down organic soil and biofilm matrix for a more effective decontamination
  • Enables in-depth cleaning of waterlines and suction systems
  • preventing plugs formation on filters
  • Fresh menthol fragrance



  • Neutral, multi-enzymatic compound
  • Independent tests (available on request) prove superior efficacy on incrusted soil and biofilm matrix
  • Full materials compatibility
  • Highly concentrated for economical use
  • High enzymatic activity and stability
  • Registered Medical Device Class I
  • Biodegradability ≥ 95 % (OCDE 302B)
  • Suitable for the cleaning of dental units, waterlines and suction system
  • Refer to full Instructions for Use and Safety Data Sheet before using.
  • Respect recommended temperature for optimal performance ; efficacy is not guaranteed > 55°C.
  • Rinse abundantly with water after use and before disinfection.
  • Enzymatic activity is maintained for 8h following dilution.
  • For automatic systems, respect the instructions for use of the manufacturer.

How to use

Use enziDent® Flow each time dental waterlines and suction systems must be cleaned, for complete removal of soil and to prevent the build up of microbial biofilms.


Dilute 25ml in 2.5L of warm water (Ideal temperature: 40 à 45°C – min. 30°C & max. 55°C)


  1. Pour approx. 0.5 to 1L of detergent solution into the sink
  2. Immerse the suction hoses in the bath to drain completely*
  3. Install the hoses back to its system


  1. Contact time for routine use: 10 minutes minimum (ideally overnight)
  2. Following morning, drain approx. 1L of water and rinse the sink


1x/Week at least – Disinfect with a disinfectant of your choice** and follow the instructions for use. Clean the installation with water

* Do not immerse fully -> to create a mixture of air/detergent solution. Compatible with Orotol cup and other suction cleaning systems. **Complies with standards: EN 13727, EN 13624, EN 14348, EN 14476, EN 14561, EN 14562, EN 14563

Waste treatment methods: Remove to an authorized waste treatment plant.
Sewage disposal recommendations: May be discharged to wastewater treatment installation. Product/Packaging disposal recommendations: Dispose of contents/container to special waste collection point. When totally empty, containers are recyclable .

Exclusive applications

Dental unitsSuction systems

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