High-level enzymatic detergent with biofilm treatment for dental instruments

High-level enzymatic detergent with biofilm treatment for dental instruments.

1 L5 L

Benefits of the product

  • Patented multi-enzymatic compound

  • Enzymes dissolve organic soil and biofilm matrix

  • Prepares instruments for efficient sterilization



• Neutral, multi-enzymatic compound

• Restores instruments to their original condition

• Independent tests (available on request) prove superior efficacy on incrusted soil and biofilm matrix

• Full materials compatibility

• Concentrated for economical use

• High enzymatic activity and stability

• Registered Medical Device Class I

• Biodegradability ≥ 95 % (OCDE 302B)

How to use

Use enziDent® each time instruments are cleaned for complete removal of soil and to prevent build-up of incrusted soil and biofilm matrix.

A. Standard dosage : 1%*. Increase dosage to 2%* in case of hard water or heavy soiling or temperature of water < 30°C

B. Contact time : 15 minutes

C. Ideal temperature : 40 to 45°C (minimum 30°C and maximum 55°C) 


Waste treatment methods : Remove to an authorized waste treatment plant.
Sewage disposal recommendations : May be discharged to wastewater treatment installation. Product/Packaging disposal recommendations : Dispose of contents/container to special waste collection point. When totally empty, containers are recyclable .

Exclusive applications

Dental intruments

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