EnziSurf HIGH

Multi-enzymatic foaming spray for high surfaces cleaning

Multi-enzymatic foaming spray for high surfaces cleaning in the healthcare sectors (hospitals, nursing and care homes, medical, dental and veterinary practices).

5 L750 mL

Benefits of the product


This multipurpose formula cleans any washable surface without leaving traces. Not corrosive. Compatible with all materials.



3 million times per second! The enzymes cut and disintegrate the soil into micro-residues at a breathtaking speed.


“Deep clean”

Efficient and effortless removal of visible and invisible organic soil thanks to the enzymes’ action.



The enzymes anti-deposit effect, prevents soil from re- settling too quickly.



Ingredients of natural origin: without phosphates, bleach or ammonia. Offers a healthy alternative to conventional cleaning. Fights odors.



  • Deep clean


  • Compatible with all materials


  • Highly active enzymatic complex


  • Ready to use


  • Sweet orange fragance


  • Conservation : 24 months after prodution


  • Biodegradability ≥ 95% (OECD 302B)

How to use

Cleaning is an essential infection control step

1. Spray directly on the surface to be cleaned. Spread the product using a clean cloth. Let it work at least 2 minutes.

2.Using a clean, damp cloth, wipe the entire treated surface
surface to remove any suspended dirt.

3. Let dry.
NOTE: make sure to regularly clean the high surfaces in contact with patients.
In addition to cleaning, it is recommended to disinfect in order to finalize the decontamination process.
Nonetheless, the Superior Health Council recommends using disinfection sparingly in order to fight microbial resistance (AMR).

Sewage Disposal recommendations: May be discharged to wastewater treatment installation. Product/Packaging disposal recommendations: When totally empty, containers are recyclable.

Exclusive applications

High surfaces

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